Look of the day.

Susie Bubble is my latest obsession. She is beyond cool. I watched a ‘Bluefly Closet Confession’ with her about her amazing closet and blog, I recommend everyone watch it (watch here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMLQPDT__U0) ! I love her accent, her amazing fringe/hair and quirky style. At the moment she is rocking a trainers and dresses/skirts look, which appeals to me, because as I’ve said before, as much as I love heels, they don’t love me, so trainers are the ideal solution. Anyway this shot from her tumblr is my look of the day for this Friday, love the classic red lace with the twist of Nike’s.

Image taken from http://susiebubble.tumblr.com/


Susie, Tavi and fur.

I went away for Easter with some friends, it was such a nice weekend, we went to my friends family house in the country, had bonfires, ate chocolate and generally had a wonderful time all round. This is why I haven’t posted for a while, but I thought I would put up these pictures I found on www.streetpeeper.com. Also yesterday I bought a pair of Chloe boots that were 40% off, it was possibly one of the best fashion days of my life, so I’ll be blogging about them in a couple of days.

Susie Bubble, karate style.

Tavi looking so little and chic, talking to one of the Rodarte models.

So much fur, all in a row.


All images taken from www.streetpeeper.com, photography by Phil Oh.