Look of the day.

Can Tamu McPherson get any cooler? I really don’t think so. She is so effortlessly cool and chic, on-trend and unique, all at once. I found out the other day that she has a son, she must be the coolest mum when it comes time for the school pick-up/drop off, the envy of all the other mums I’m sure. Her style is so cute and different. I love the colour in this look.

Image from Tamu McPherson’s blog, http://www.alltheprettybirds.com


Look of the day.

I’ve seen this pic on so many fashion blogs over the past few weeks and I’ve been so tempted to use, so when I saw it this last time I thought it was a sign, I had to use it. Uliana Sergeenko is one of my fashion icons, she is always so chic and unique in her fashion choices. Love this cape with the double denim!

Image from www.streetpeeper.com

Style capital: Stockholm.

No two cities have the same sense of style, each city has a look that seems to dominate the style scene. In looking through some blogs I noticed these images from Stockholm. The look is very quirky, but at times quite simple, it almost looks like a mix of London, Paris and New York, with a bit of Melbourne thrown in.

All images from www.streetpeeper.com, taken by Phil Oh.

Look of the day.

Loving Marni for H&M! The pyjama sets are my favourite, they are too beautiful to wear just in bed, so I love the trend of wearing them out, many fashionistas have been doing so recently. The clashing of the jacket and the pyjama’s makes this look and the leather boots dress it up. From bed to the streets, Marni for H&M is sure to be a big hit in street style in the next few months. So chic, so (relatively) cheap!

I see red.


There was lots of red in the street style at Milan fashion week this past week, so here is three of my favourites. Red is classic, it suits just about everyone, brings a pop of colour to every outfit and generally you can’t go wrong with red! My two favourites are the red skirts, the length is so lady-like and the lace is gorgeous! Red is the colour of the week, I just bought a beautiful red clutch – love!

Picture of the day.

Tamu McPherson, Natalie Joos and friend work some colour.

Some how, bloggers Tamu Mcpherson, Natalie Joos and their equally stylish pal, managed to colour coordinate their ensembles. I love the combination of the pink, yellow and orange, they all look amazing. Oh to have friends this stylish! They all look so happy, and why shouldn’t they? With good friends, beautiful clothes and wonderful style, they have a lot to smile about.

Image by Tommy Ton for www.style.com