Look of the day (x 4)

One of the best street style shots to come out of the latest fashion shows. Taken in Paris during the Couture shows, it captures four Russian fashionistas, sporting four very different looks and all looking fabulous. Ulyana’s veil is so dramatic, and I love Mira’s mini. Russians know fashion.

Image taken from http://www.harpersbazaar.com 


Look of the day.

This look is so simple, both the colour palate and skinny jeans/turtle-neck knit combo are so simple, yet so chic. A look I’m loving this winter is the turtle-neck, I hope it’s making a come back, and if blogger Elin Kling is rocking one, then I think signs may point to yes. Even her Celine tote is perfectly coordinated with the ensemble. Simple winter styling at it’s best.

Image taken from http://www.streetpeeper.com, photography by Phil Oh.

Look of the day.

I don’t think Christine Centenera has ever made a bad fashion choice. Maybe long ago, in the midst of the 90s, before she was one of the best dress ladies in Australia she wore a bike pants or runners and jeans, but even so I can’t imagine it. Her partner is the amazing fashion designer, Josh Goot and she does work for fashion bible, Harper’s Bazaar, so her flawless style is no surprise. I’ve featured her on my blog before wearing this Balenciaga skirt, but this Josh Goot jacket (which she probably got on mates rates or something…lucky) is amazing, I love the combination of colour and texture. Enjoy this look of the day!

Look of the day.

Susie Bubble is my latest obsession. She is beyond cool. I watched a ‘Bluefly Closet Confession’ with her about her amazing closet and blog, I recommend everyone watch it (watch here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMLQPDT__U0) ! I love her accent, her amazing fringe/hair and quirky style. At the moment she is rocking a trainers and dresses/skirts look, which appeals to me, because as I’ve said before, as much as I love heels, they don’t love me, so trainers are the ideal solution. Anyway this shot from her tumblr is my look of the day for this Friday, love the classic red lace with the twist of Nike’s.

Image taken from http://susiebubble.tumblr.com/

Look of the day.

This was taken during the fashion weeks, I haven’t featured Tavi on my blog before and she isn’t a regular feature on the street style blogs I trawl through, but her style is so individual that I thought I would put this shot up. My favourite part of this look is the head-piece, as well as being chic, it is also very age appropriate for such a young fashionista. Love the contrasting soft pink and metallic jacket, it was Tavi’s unique style that made her one of the early successes of the blogging world.

 Image by Tommy Ton for www.style.com

Look of the day.

Can Tamu McPherson get any cooler? I really don’t think so. She is so effortlessly cool and chic, on-trend and unique, all at once. I found out the other day that she has a son, she must be the coolest mum when it comes time for the school pick-up/drop off, the envy of all the other mums I’m sure. Her style is so cute and different. I love the colour in this look.

Image from Tamu McPherson’s blog, http://www.alltheprettybirds.com

Look of the day.

This look is so striking, I love the statement earings, accentuated by the simple bun that allows the earings to be shown off. The red lip further highlights the earings, while the jacket, although interesting, the colours allow the earings to be the statement piece of the look, the peter-pan collar is so polished. This look reminds me of summer, holidays, although it was taken in Paris.

Image taken by Tommy Ton for www.style.com