I apologise for being so slack recently with my blogging, I haven’t posted anything for weeks. I’ve been busy with uni, fashion week and work, I’m really annoyed I haven’t gotten around to finishing my fashion week blog which was so exciting, so many exciting moments. That post is coming soon, promise! I also had a computer problem, but have updated my laptop with a MacBook, so I should be set for blogging from now on. Another fashion moment I wanted to blog about was the massive change at Vogue Australia, with the ousting of long-time editor, Kirstie Clements, who was replaced by Edwina McCann, current editor of Harper’s Bazaar. McCann is on a career high after securing one of the biggest Australian magazine covers of the year featuring Nicole Kidman and her youngest daughter Faith. Clements was a legend of Vogue, working with the magazine for thirteen years and editing for ten, she made an enormous impact on the iconic magazine and was a woman who didn’t follow trends but had style, I saw her only a few weeks ago, sitting front row at all the big shows, looking glamorous as ever. Also at the recent shows was McCann, she must have been aware of her imminent departure from Harper’s and take-over at Vogue. Clements surely will do something else fabulous within the industry, with her experience she could go anywhere, while McCann will bring something new and fresh to the iconic magazine, coming off a very big high at rival Harper’s.

Left; former editor of Vogue, Kirstie Clements, Right; newly appointed editor of Vogue, Edwina McCann.

Image from http://www.broadsheet.com


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