Trend alert: Isabel Marant high-tops.

Miranda Kerr wears them to push her baby in a stroller, Kate Bosworth goes to the salon in them and street-style blogs are full of them. ‘They’ are the genius of designer Isabel Marant. The new high-top sneakers from Marant’s latest collection have taken over from the towering heels we generally see on the style blogs and are providing some comfort for the fashionistas of the world. I love heels, but they don’t love me, they knock me down, hurt my toes and make me resemble a toddler learning to walk. Marant’s high-tops have come at good time for me, during my shoe shopping expedition a couple of days ago I bought a pair of boots (which although a long way from Marant’s high-tops in both look and price-tag) are a combination of sneakers and dessert boots, so although I may not quite look like Miranda Kerr or even her baby, I can pretend I’m wearing Marant high-tops. The sneakers can be worn with feminine pieces or grungy jeans and t-shirts, the beauty of them is their versatility. I’m sure the platform will once again reign supreme, and I will once again struggle to mend my relationship with heels, but for now Marant and her high-tops are on top.


Leandra Medine in her Marant high-tops, image taken from Medine's blog



8 thoughts on “Trend alert: Isabel Marant high-tops.

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