Fashion can be funny.

In the blogging/fashion world, there are those who take wonderful pictures, those who have natural style, those who have access to some of the most beautiful pieces in the fashion world and those who are model beautiful. Then there is Leandra Medine, founder of the blog who is not only gorgeous, a talented photographer, owner of an amazing closet, constant feature on street style blogs and naturally so stylish, but she is also funny. Medine always takes a light-hearted approach to fashion, mocking some elements of her style and posing with her hair in her face, her humour is dotted throughout her blog posts and, it works. She attracts those who want to read about fashion and those who like fashion, but might not take it as seriously as others. Medine is a recent graduate who still lives with her parents, but her blog is a huge hit and Medine is a growing figure in the fashion industry. Medine started her blog because a friend suggested to her the reason she didn’t have a boyfriend was because she ‘dressed funny’, thus the name the man repeller, her clothes repel men. Medine says her blog is about good fashion, something she didn’t want to give up for a relationship, harem pants, shoulder pads and clogs are some fashion trends she claims ‘repel’ men (Medine is now engaged, obviously her fashion isn’t too man repelling).  It’s refreshing to have someone so honest and down-to-earth, make it big in the blogging/fashion world.

Leandra Medine doesn't take herself too seriously.



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