Happiness made easy.

Unlike fast food, fast happiness can come free of unwanted weight gain and calories. Fast happiness, in my world at least, can come in the form of a new purchase or even just putting on your favourite pair of heels or a bit of red lip stick. Whatever it may be, in the world of fashion and beauty, happiness can come easily. If you are like me and don’t love the look of your rear-end in the harshly lit changing-rooms of your local boutiques or shopping centres, then reach for the shoes, feet never change size (well once you leave puberty behind), they don’t gain weight, get cellulite, or have ‘fat days’, feet are un-changing – as long as you keep your pedicure up to date. So strap on your favourite heels or if you really want to treat yourself, buy a new pair. For those of you who love nothing more than going to shopping centres and spending hours in the change-rooms with mirrors at every angle, looking at your perfectly toned rear, then please, put on your favourite jeans or body hugging dress and have a good squiz. And if you really don’t feel like putting on clothes or shoes, if your tracksuits will suffice as an appropriate pick-me-up ensemble, then slick on some lipstick. Scarlett Johanson says that if she ever has a bad day, red lipstick heals all wounds.

In a world of glitz and glam, that some regard as shallow and materialistic, I truly believe that if you look good you feel good. So, brighten your Monday with heels, jeans or lipstick, trust me, it might not bring world peace, but it might lift your mood for today. I wrote this wearing my new winter heeled-booties after I had  come home early from uni nursing a cold, and the blocked nose and headache seem to have improved slightly with my new booties on.

Shoes; image from www.harpersbazaar.com.au

Red lips; image from http://www.streetpeeper.com, by Phil Oh.



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