Style crush: Shini Park.

Shini Park, creator of the blog, lives a life that us mere-mortals can only dream of. Park, born in Seoul and raised in Warsaw, is now based in London and created the blog in 2008 and uses it to share her photography and thoughts about fashion (mainly), a little about food and travel. Park takes beautiful photographs, as does her husband who photographs Park when she acts as the model of her fashion looks. Park travels a lot, sharing images from her adventures in Paris and Berlin most recently, the London-based blogger works as a web designer and photographer as well as running her hugely successful blog. Park’s style is quite modern, yet classic, military jackets in Berlin, Chiffon in Paris, florals in London and one of the best shoe collections I’ve seen in the blogging world. Shini Park is one, in a world of a billion bloggers, who definitely stands out.

All pictures taken from Shini Park’s blog


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