Style crush: Natalie Joos.

I’ve featured Natalie Joos a few times in my blog, in various trend reports or street fashion shots, and I think I am developing a serious style crush on her! Joos is a casting agent and fashion consultant, but most importantly she is a blogger with an amazing wardrobe. The looks she puts together are so unusual and inspiring, prints on prints, jumpers with vintage 1950s dresses, head pieces, it’s all so different, and I love it! Joos writes the blog, and it has become my favourite blog at the moment. She has been doing these great segments at the moment, while the fashion weeks have been on, she does videos of her putting together her look for the day, yesterday it was linen pants with embroidered horses on them, last week it was vintage from Brooklyn, it gives people like me, a inside look into how she creates her looks. In her latest blog she claims that she is “never one to follow trends”, I think this is what makes her so inspiring, her looks are never what everyone else is wearing, if anything she creates trends. Joos always has simple make-up, claiming to never wear foundation and only lipstick and mascara and has beautiful skin and hair, she also has a really cool Belgian accent. Check out for some original fashion inspiration!


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