Three’s a crowd.

In the world of fashion there are three women, who, for the past few years have all been, at times, the queen of fashion. As the photographers gather around the fashion shows, during the numerous fashion weeks every season, they are all after the latest shot of Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfield and Giovana Battaglia. They are the fashion forward editors, directors and stylists that although older than some of the other sort-after street fashion objects, they always manage to stand out and command the attention of the photographers. Dello Russo and Roitfield are veterans of the fashion world, Roitfield’s pin-straight hair and piercing eyes are a regular fixture at fashion weeks, while Roitfields unusual head-pieces and body-baring outfits are almost another fashion show in themselves. Battaglia is still a long-standing member of the fashion squad, but newer than her two counter-parts, she also happens to be dating Roitfield’s son, Vladmir, she is also a former model, thus making her perfect for showing of the latest fashion must-haves. So of the three who is the dominant one, who wears the biggest style must-haves, who demands the most attention? All three, each in their own way, seems to be on top at some time.

Anna Dello Russo.

Carine Roitfield.


Giovanna Battaglia.

 All images by Tommy Ton for



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