Erdem’s latest collection is pure, classic, perfection, so chic and bound to be a hit in the fashion world. The colours, the shapes, the silouhettes! Ah-mazing! I must say I didn’t expect so much colour, the busy patterns were a surprise, but I think it was a good surprise. Of course in keeping with the Erdem staple, there was some lace! Very on-trend, both modern and classic! The mix of cropped pants and feminine dresses meant there was something for everyone, the shapes flattered the female body, with the perfect tailoring but were also modest with high neck-lines and longer hems than some other collections, making the collection sexy and lady-like. For me Erdem has always been one of my favourites, always classic and individual, not one of the huge fashion houses, but at the same time designer Erdem Moralioglu is making a name for himself in the industry. On the day, far, far away in the future when my wardrobe begins housing designer brands, Erdem, along with Chloe, Celine and a few other favourites, will all have a spot.

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