When the photographers become the photographed…

It seems like the latest fashion accessory is a camera. The ‘It’ girls of the fashion world seem to increasingly being photographed with a camera slung over one shoulder, themselves eager to catch the latest ‘omg’ fashion moment. The photographers themselves are also the photographed, thus the photographers have become the photographed. Maybe it is the fact that these fashion ‘It’ girls who now appear in front and behind the lens, take the best photographs and have the best eye for what will be the best image to capture because they are not just journalists, but fashions addicts who have later become photographers along the way. Either way, ‘It’ girls such as bloggers Tamu Mcpherson, Hanneli and Natalie Joos are a few of the girls capturing the latest fashion trends and looks, and at the same time appearing in photographs of other street-style photographers capturing their latest looks.


Natalie Joos.

All images by Tommy Ton for www.style.com.


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