Socks and Sandals.

No longer is this look reserved for tourists. Socks and sandals has come back into vogue, as long as your sandals don’t have velcro on them and are preferably the latest Celine wedges (although not compulsory) and your socks are hole-free, then feel free to take on the new trend of socks and sandals. The trend comes with many benefits, 1. being able to wear your favourite summer sandals all year round. 2. being able to showcase your favourite socks that are generally covered by your shoes. 3. being warm and comfortable and fashionable, all in one! As the northern hemisphere welcomes spring this trend is perfect for those days that are not quite warm enough for sandals but not quite cold enough for boots, and for the southern hemisphere as we enter autumn this trend is ideal for the coming days that are not super hot, but not yet freezing cold.

socks and sandals.


socks and sandals.


socks and sandals.

Images from and by Tommy Ton.

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