NYFW: Karen Walker.

One of my friends received a Christmas present this past Christmas which I envied quite a lot. To shield her eyes from the hot summer sun in Sydney this summer, my friend has been sporting a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. As students, most my friends and I wear sunnies from Sportsgirl, LeSpecs and other lower to mid priced brands, so for my friend to receive a pair of Karen Walkers (priced north of $300), she quickly became the envy of us all. So, after spending the summer envying my friends Karen Walker sunglasses, I was excited to see what Karen Walker would produce in her show at NYFW, and I can say I wasn’t disappointed. Walker’s designs seem to combine modern elements with classic style, creating a fashion that appeals to many different age demographics. The colours were bright and fun, the patterns were equally bright and fun, the sunglasses were as usual fabulous, and overall I loved the show! So far its one of my favourites from fashion week. I love the mix of pants, shorts, skirts, the 1940s hair do’s, the clutches, the neutrals with the prints, the prints with the prints, the shirt-dresses — I loved it all! Walker’s latest range is very wearable and stays consistent throughout with the themes and colour schemes, expect to see numerous Walker pieces throughout the fashion world in the coming months.

Karen Walker at NYFW.


Backstage at Karen Walker, NYFW.


Karen Walker, NYFW.



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