Mary Katrantzou.

For those of you who wish you could afford Mark Katrantzou’s latest collection right of the runway, but have sadly had to deny yourself this pleasure as the price tag is slightly too high, you need not despair. Who else could save the day in this situation but Topshop? As of February the 17th, Mary K’s collection with Topshop will be available online and in-stores. The trademark prints and silhouettes are all there, but the price tags are down from her the normal five digits, with her dresses in the three digits, but other pieces starting at about $80 (Australian dollars). Although for me, Topshop is a trip to Melbourne away, I will most definitely be online scoping out which Mary K dress will be my next fashion purchase. When a high-end designer collaborates with a company that sells lower priced pieces, I get so excited. My excitement isn’t just because it gives me the chance to look as though I’m wearing designer pieces (but at half the cost), but because I think it shows that the designer finds more joy in their work than the money, clothes say so much about a person, who they are, where they come from, but although everyone has style  not everyone has a huge bank account to fund their fashion obsession, hence my joy at Mary K’s Topshop collection. Happy shopping!

Mary K for Topshop.


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