Emerging trend: statement flares.

In amongst the doom and gloom of winter, I have seen a new trend emerge. During the many hours that I spend during the week scrolling through the street-style blogs that I follow, I have seen lots of black and grey, fur and wool, tights and boots, but I have also seen colour, lots of it, especially in the emerging trend of flared, printed statement pants. The colours are generally bright and the pattern loud, they are generally floor length and always attention grabbing. Worn with a plain blouse, shirt or jacket, or with a clashing colour or print, the pants stand out no matter the season, event or dress-code. From blogger Tamu McPherson to stylist Christene Centenera, the pants are very on trend, definitely something to invest in for the coming northern hemisphere spring or as something to keep your wardrobe bright in the coming southern hemisphere autumn.

Stylist Christene Centenera wearing Celine pants in Sydney.

Marina Lar in NYC.

Blogger Tamu McPherson in Zara pants.


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