Into the future.

Rumi Neely.

As much as I still love receiving my Vogue magazine in the post every month and upon recieving it I make a date that night with my vogue and a bubble bath, sometimes inviting some green tea along as well, I find more and more that my fashion inspiration is coming from blogs. I LOVE blogs. Blogs about anything, but mainly blogs about fashion, which is why I started this blog, I have the slightest hope that people will look at mine as a source of inspiration like I do with so many other blogs. I have two favourite blogs at the moment, one I have been following for a while, the other is a recent discovery. Written by former Teen Vogue intern, Emily Weiss, who you may remember from her brief cameo as Whitney Port’s nemesis on The Hills, is an inside look into the fashion world through the eyes of make up artists, designers, photographers and Weiss herself. Being a former intern from Teen Vogue means that Weiss has an insight into what goes on behind the scenes and is being kind enough to share through her blog. Another of my favourites is written by Rumi Neely,, Neely is a model/blogger and has won blogger of the year. Her blog documents her glamorous life of traveling the world wearing beautiful clothes, she is highly regarded in the fashion world and has collaborated with numerous fashion houses including Forever21, to create collections. The pictures that Neely uploads are amazing and showcase some of the best fashion I’ve seen through my blog-obsession. Although I hope magazines live on and I can continue to spend the first Monday of every month in the bubble bath with my copy of Vogue, I admit that the future of fashion is in blogging.


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