Focus: Philip Treacy.

In the fashion world, Philip Treacy is one of a kind.He is a member of the fashion it crowd in London, which includes the lateIsabella Blow wearing a Treacy creation, pictured with McQueen. fashion genius, Alexander McQueen, haute couture collector Daphne Guiness and the late Isabella Blow who was Treacy’s muse for many years. But it is not only the company that Treacy keeps that sets him apart. Since he was a young boy growing up in the country side of Ireland, Treacy has had a flare for design, using the feathers from his mothers poultry to create his first head pieces and later being the first milliner in deacades to show at the haute couture shows in Paris in the 1990s. Treacy over the years has gathered a loyal following of celebrity clients, including Lady Gaga (remember the telephone hat?), SJP (many Sex and the City moments featured one of Treacy’s creations) and the royals. The days of wearing a hat and gloves may seem as though they are well and truly over, but Treacy has and continues to, reinvent the way the fashion world views millinery. Treacy’s pieces are far from the conventional pill-box, with his clients standing out on red carpets with butterflies floating above them or telephones attached precariously to their heads, how Treacy manages to create the shapes and structures that he does continues to amaze me, the imagination that must inspire him is incredible. Treacy is a fashion genius, he has style and creativity, and is far from conventional, standing out from a crowd in a world where wearing a  beanie is classified as wearing a ‘head piece’.


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